Update SSD for best performance

Update SSD for best performance

July 4th, 2012 // 4:42 pm @

Recently while cleaning up my PC I came across a few benchmarks of my SSD taken long ago. However it struck me that not many people enable the full force of their SSD. I will explain with few simple screenshots.

Background :

I have a system with the OCZ Vertex 2 SSD ( there are a lot faster ones available now ). The system felt snappy and fast, hence I never really cared to test / benchmark the SSD till one day out of curiosity I did benchmark them using AS SSD Benchmark.

c drive as-ssd-bench OCZ-VERTEX2 ATA  02.02.2012 20-22-19


I was expecting it to give me much faster reads and hence was a bit disappointed. Was a bit worried that the benchmark showed pciide – BAD. The 4k block read was quite low. Then started doing some research to see why my SSD was running slow. Came across an article explaining the importance of enabling ACHI. However ideally it needed to be enabled in the BIOS before installing the OS. There are a few articles in the internet which show you how to fix a few registry settings in Windows so that you can modify that setting safely and still have your Windows system boot normally. After the ACHI change, I again ran a benchmark.

c drive 2 after ahci


This seemed more like it. The sequential read speed had jumped and the 4K-64 chunk read had improved dramatically. Well I was quite impressed and decided to try a bit more to improve performance. Found a firmware update for my drive. Was a bit scared that it may wipe off my drive, however after careful backup and praying, ran the firmware update utility from OCZ. Here is where the drive finally ended at.

c drive 3 after firmware


There may be other updated available since then, however I am quite happy with the performance. Moral of the story : not to take things on face value. Just because I have an SSD, I can’t assume that it is giving me the benefits I should be getting. Always test and compare.

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